Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Syndicate Highwaymen and 6 Syndicate Mercenaries.

Return to Captain Nials at Refuge Pointe.

Description Edit

We are fighting a war for Stromgarde, and we are losing. The ogres, the Syndicate and we have divided our once great city, and each faction battles the other into a bloody stalemate.

But our forces dwindle while our enemy grows.

We need help from the town of Southshore, but supplies are difficult to receive while the Syndicate holds territory between us.

Go to the Syndicate base in Northfold Manor and slay them. Then, perhaps, pressure on our supply trains will lessen and more will get through.


<Name>, with each passing hour our hold on Stromgarde grows more tenuous. You must make haste or our city will surely fall.

Completion Edit

Very good, <name>. With the deaths of those Syndicate members we should have an easier time receiving supplies from Southshore.

Perhaps our cause yet has hope.

Gains Edit

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