Bring four chilled meat to <questgiver> at <location>. Chilled meat can be found on any Northrend beast.


Alliance 15 Brom Brewbaster:
So what are ya doin' if you dinna have any stew for me. I got me a HUNGER! At least bring me some chilled meat so I kin cook me own stew! If ya do, I kin give ya the recipe so you kin make it for yourself. NOW GO GET ME SOME MEAT!
Alliance 15 Rollick MacKreel
We got a lot of new recruits here and these lads are hungry! If you could go out and get me some chilled meat for stew, I could teach you how to make it for yourself.
Horde 15 Thomas Kolichio
Nothing like a stew made from the living to warm your bones. Bring me some of the chilled meat that can be found on the wretched beasts of this place, and I shall teach you to make a warm stew.
Horde 15 Orn Tenderhoof
The warriors of the Warsong Offensive need food in their bellies to keep their strength up. If you could bring some chilled meats from the Rhinos or other beasts, I could make them some stew. I would be willing to teach you the recipe if you were willing.


You will learn: Northern Stew

You will also receive: 2Gold 10Silver


Alliance 15 Brom Brewbaster:
Alliance 15 Rollick MacKreel
The lads need meat for their stew.
Horde 15 Thomas Kolichio
The stew awaits...
Horde 15 Orn Tenderhoof
When the meat is present, the stew will be prepared.


Alliance 15 Brom Brewbaster:
Ya gots me meat! Here is your recipe, I gots cookin to do!
Alliance 15 Rollick MacKreel
That will keep our recruits fed! Here's how you cook it.
Horde 15 Thomas Kolichio
We can quickly turn this flesh into stew.
Horde 15 Orn Tenderhoof
I give my thanks to you.


This quest is available from the cooking trainer at any of the four starting quest hubs in Northrend, but it has a pre-requisite of Cooking 350.

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