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Find the location described in Nolkai's journal and discover his long-buried possessions.

Description Edit

The translation is ready now, <name>.

<Anchorite Paetheus points out a block of text at the end of his translation.>

'The enemy is nearly upon us. We've gathered up all the survivors and retreated to the temple to the east. It's the last ground we truly hold on the island, and there is a sense among the survivors that we will make our last stand here. I've taken care to bury my last few possessions on the grounds of the temple, with the hope that someone will find them and know what happened here.'

Completion Edit

Grasses and shrubs cover an unnatural bulge in the earth.

A few minutes spent digging reveals an old box, almost certainly the one mentioned in Nolkai's journal.

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

The mound of dirt is found within the Ruins of Loreth'Aran.

Nolkai may have been one of the dragon riders of Loreth'aran, and the enemy may be the black dragon flight, as the night elves of Loreth'aran are one of the few creatures that ever originally lived on Azuremust Isle and Bloodmyst Isle

Quest progression Edit

introduces you to Clopper Wizbang, who gives you both of the following:

Completing Artifacts of the Blacksilt earns you a [Weathered Treasure Map], which starts you off on the following quest chain.

  1. Alliance 15 [16] A Map to Where?
  2. Alliance 15 [16] Deciphering the Book
  3. Alliance 15 [16] Nolkai's Words

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