Quest:Noboru the Cudgel

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Neutral 32 Noboru the Cudgel
Start[Noboru's Cudgel]
Requires Level 34
CategorySwamp of Sorrows
Experience230-2,250 XP
or  at Level 110

Pre-requisites Edit

Must kill Noboru the Cudgel and pick up [Noboru's Cudgel]. This item begins the quest.

Objective Edit

Bring Noboru's Cudgel to the leader of The Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows.


Noboru has plagued the Draenei of the Harborage for months, and his cudgel is a symbol of the brutality they have suffered at the hands of the lost ones.


Greetings. And welcome to the Harborage.

Completion Edit

You have gained the weapon of the dreaded Noboru? Is he then dead?

This is a joyous day for the Harborage. Noboru and his gang were a terror to us, wandering the swamps and killing any Draenei who crossed his path. He was a direct threat to our survival, and we did not have the strength to face him.

We are fortunate to have a friend in you, <name>.

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