For the non-daily quest version, see Alliance 15 [80G5] No Rest For The Wicked (Alliance)


Thassarian, aboard the Skybreaker, wants you to defeat Alumeth the Ascended at Aldur'thar.

Suggested Players [5]


It's Alumeth... He's growing in power again. I can sense it. Again his underlings are channeling power to his soul.

If he's allowed to rest, their efforts will soon transform him into a mighty adversary.

Return to his chamber in the north portion of Aldur'thar. Combine his [heart], [skull], [scepter] and [robes], then use his [remains] on the crystal there.

Hurry, <race>! Destroy him before he becomes any more powerful!


You will receive: 22Gold 20Silver


Alumeth has suffered a sound defeat, but I sense that his spirit still lingers...


  • 33100 XP or 19Gold 86Silver at level 80


The quest items only last two minutes in your inventory. It would be recommended that players clear the area before picking up the various items.

This quest does not award reputation.

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