Quest:Nibbler! No! (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 Nibbler! No!
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Isabel Jones
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Isabel Jones
Requires Level 1
Rewards16Gold 54Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

Objectives Edit

Cut three Solid Zephyrites and give them to Official alliance mini-icon Isabel Jones in Stormwind.

Description Edit

Lila's pet Nibbler got into my workshop again!

I was making a bracelet, to be delivered today. The work was almost done, except for the gems. I spent all night cutting them, but when I stepped out for a bit of breakfast, the little beast came into my workshop and swallowed every gem in sight! The thing can digest ANYTHING, and trust me, you'd break your back trying to pick up its leavings.

I need to get replacement gems fast; the courier is coming in tonight. Help!

Quest progression Edit

Have you brought me those solid zephyrites I need?

Completion Edit

You've really saved my skin, <name>. Thanks!

Rewards Edit

16Gold 54Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

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