Quest:News of Dogran (2)

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Horde 32 News of Dogran (2)
Requires Level 20
CategoryThe Barrens
Experience80-775 XP
or  at Level 110

Prerequisites Edit

Objectives Edit

Speak with Ken'zigla at the Malaka'jin.

Quest Text Edit

He was stationed at Camp Taurajo, where we've been trying to weed out the quilboar. He led a few grunts to one of their camps, where he was hurt bad. The others made it back and tried to rescue him. He was in bad shape, his wounds festered, so they were afraid to move him without patching him up first.

They sent a message here, requesting a healing draught from the trolls at the Malaka'jin at the base of the Stonetalon Mountains. We sent someone to get it, but they haven't returned yet.

Details Edit

Reward Edit

Quest progressionEdit

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