Objectives Edit

Speak with Rakoria at Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest.

Description Edit

Now that Swamprat Post is complete, our control of the roads in and out of the marsh is much less tenuous. Our presence in Terokkar Forest is much less secure. Even so, at Stonebreaker Hold, Rakoria awaits word of our progress.

She's sharp and capable, <name>, but be careful around her. She's got a lot of a goods she's eager to move along the roads, but don't assume she's got our best interests at heart. Rakoria goes where she believes there's profit to be found.

Completion Edit

I'd hoped his men would have the outpost complete sooner, but it's not costing him money. Still, it's progress.

Notes Edit

You cannot accept this quest if you have also accepted or completed Horde 15 [62] News from Zangarmarsh.

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