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Alliance 32 Newfound Allies
StartAnchorite Paetheus
EndHuntress Kella Nightbow
Requires Level 15
CategoryBloodmyst Isle
Experience800 XP
or 4Silver79Copper at Level 110
Reputation+75 Darnassus
NextThe Way to Auberdine

This quest directs the character from Bloodmyst Isle to Darkshore, where further quests can be found.

Objectives Edit

Take the Letter of Introduction to Huntress Kella Nightbow.

  • Letter of Introduction (provided)

Quest Text Edit

Harbinger Mikolaas has done a commendable job of safeguarding Blood Watch, <class>, but our enemies are many and our resources few.

Our weakness is well known to our enemies, but your contact with the forces of the Alliance is something they haven't accounted for. I have prepared a letter of introduction to the people of Auberdine, the closest Alliance settlement, proposing cooperation in the fight against our foes. Take it with you and seek out Huntress Kella Nightbow near the docks west of the Exodar.

Completion Edit

I can help you get to Auberdine. Fortunately, it's only a short boat trip away!

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

Kella is by the huts in front of the docks south west of the Exodar.

Quest chain Edit

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