This quest is a prerequisite for Neutral 15 [69G-2] When the Cows Come Home.

Objective Edit

Find Bessy in the fields near Kirin'Var Village's Chapel Hill.

Description Edit

Where, oh where has my Bessy gone? After the attack, I searched the fields and the Chapel Yard for her, but she was nowhere to be seen!

All I have left of her is this old cowbell. She usually comes running when she hears it, but these feeble old bones probably couldn't shake it hard enough.

I'll loan you Bessy's bell if you're willing to go out to the fields and ring it as hard as you can. Perhaps all Bessy's waiting for is a little more cowbell.


<The cow looks at you distrustfully, but stands its ground.>


<Removing the bell from your pack, you ring it a couple of times and show it to Bessy, who seems to recognize it. The cow allows the bell's cord to be fastened around her neck and looks at you expectantly.>


You will receive: 4Gold 10Silver


Trivia Edit

The quest's name is a reference to the popular internet meme "It always needs more cowbell."

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