Objectives Edit

Deliver The High General's Head to Commander Eligor Dawnbringer at Wintergarde Keep.

Suggested Players [3]

Description Edit

My old enemy, High General Abbendis, has come to Northrend.

Somehow she survived the attacks on Tyr's Hand and brought a small force north. They've established New Hearthglen to the south.

While they could prove useful in fighting the Scourge, Abbendis herself is far too shrewd an opponent to let live. Trust me, if we let them stand, she will be at our throats before the dust settles.

So, we'll deprive them of their leadership and go about our business. Bring me her head as proof.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv axe 78
Inv weapon rifle 27
Inv mace 69
Inv mace 62
Inv weapon shortblade 68
Inv bijou red

You will also receive: 10Gold 60Silver

Progress Edit

Is it done then?

Completion Edit

An unfortunate, but necessary action that we had to take in dealing with Abbendis. In another lifetime, I think I could have imagined fighting side-by-side with her.

<The commander's voice trails off trails off as he reflects a moment before proceeding.>

I'm a little concerned about this grand admiral you describe. Barean Westwind you say? I can't believe that he's still alive. He must be ancient. We'll have to deal with him later, however.

In the meantime, I think you've earned a reward and a little R & R.

Notes Edit


Admiral Barean Westwind says: Kill them Abbendis! Do not fail me!
High General Abbendis says: Now I'll show you the REAL power of the Onslaught!

On victory:

The grand admiral studies you a moment through narrowed eyes.
Westwind walks over to Abbendis's corpse and kneels.
Admiral Barean Westwind says: You served your purpose.
Admiral Barean Westwind says: I will see you weaklings in Icecrown... if you live that long!
The grand admiral teleports out.

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