Objectives Edit

Collect 15 Bloodpetals and return to Muigin.

Items Needed:

Quest Text Edit

See Larion over there? It's HIS fault we're here!

I told him we were going the wrong way, but would he listen? And would you believe that he's the one that won't speak to me? Well, until he changes his mind, let's have a bit of fun with him.

Have you noticed the strange plant-like creatures around here? They're nothing but trouble, really, but I think if trained properly, I could get them to obey commands.

First thing though, I'll need some samples to study. Do you think you could collect some?

Progress Edit

Larion's got something coming, that's for sure!

Completion Edit

I hope they didn't give you too much trouble, <name>. I try to steer clear of them -- they're wild!

I tried jumping over one... I was attacked! Plants just shouldn't be acting that way!

Reward Edit

Details Edit

  • You need to get the Bloodpetals from the creatures out in the crater, not the little Bloodpetal Pests in the Refuge. The Pests are green/friendly to Alliance players.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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