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Alliance 32 Morgan Stern
StartAngus Stern
EndMorgan Stern
Requires Level 33
CategoryStormwind City
Experience975 XP
or 5Silver85Copper at Level 110
ReputationStormwind +25
NextMudrock Soup and Bugs


Speak with Morgan Stern in Theramore.

Description Edit

I'm developing a new menu for the restaurant. It will be filled with rural dishes with a "bayou" theme. I think my clientele at the Blue Recluse will love them!

I sent my nephew Morgan to Theramore, a city on the edge of the Dustwallow Marsh. He's there gathering recipes from the locals, and I must know what he found so far.

The trip to Theramore is long. Too long for me. But I bet a young <class> like yourself would jump at the chance to travel, yes?

Completion Edit

Oh, my uncle sent you, did he?

Well I've been researching recipes and I have some leads, but I need help.

Help from someone willing to get his feet wet.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [38] Morgan Stern
  2. Alliance 15 [38] Mudrock Soup and Bugs
  3. Alliance 15 [40] ... and Bugs

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