Quest:Mistmantle's Revenge

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Alliance 32 Mistmantle's Revenge
StartMadame Eva
EndTobias Mistmantle
Requires Level 21
Experience2,750 XP
or 16Silver50Copper at Level 100
ReputationGilneas +500
PreviousClawing at the Truth


Use the Mistmantle Family Ring at Manor Mistmantle, east of town.


I'm afraid I cannot give Tobias the answers he seeks. But I can help you find the only person who can...

Stalvan Mistmantle.

Take the ring into the woods to the east, to Manor Mistmantle, where Stalvan's body was buried. Enter, and hold the ring before you. Let the waning moon pour its light through the ring, and the spirits will answer your call.

Take heed, <name>. The questions of the living can offer more comfort than the answers of the dead.


Master Harris may have been right. I would have been better to leave the past behind.

I've got a new life now. Whether it's that of a monster or a man is up to me.

As for you, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, regardless of the outcome. Please, take this with my thanks.


You will receive the following:

  • 45Silver
  • 2750 Experience
  • +500 reputation with Gilneas

You will also get to pick from:
Inv misc cape 21
Inv shoulder 21


Stand inside Manor Mistmantle which is located at coords [77, 36] (which was where Stalvan was found for the old pre-Cataclysm quest The Legend of Stalvan and use the ring.

Stalvan appears in the manor.
Stalvan Mistmantle says: My ring... Who holds my family ring... Tilloa, is that you?
Tobias walks into the manor and confronts Stalvan.
Tobias Mistmantle says: Brother!
Stalvan Mistmantle says: Tobias...
Tobias Mistmantle says: Tell me it's not true, brother. Tell me you didn't die a murderer!
Stalvan laughs.
Stalvan Mistmantle says: It's all true, brother. Every word. You doubted it?
Tobias Mistmantle says: But why?! How could you?
Stalvan Mistmantle says: You know why!
Stalvan Mistmantle says: Surely you've felt anger. Anger so foul and vicious that it makes you want to tear someone to shreds...
Stalvan Mistmantle says: Aren't you feeling it right now?
Tobias morphs into worgen form.
Tobias Mistmantle yells: No... NO! STOP IT!
Tobias and Stalvan begin to battle. Help Tobias kill Stalvan.
Stalvan Mistmantle says: You see, brother... we're not so different...
Tobias Mistmantle says: No...
Tobias rushes out of the manor, back to Darkshire.

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [23] The Legend of Stalvan
  2. Alliance 15 [23] The Stolen Letters
  3. Alliance 15 [23] In A Dark Corner
  4. Alliance 15 [23] Roland's Doom
  5. Alliance 15 [23] The Fate of Stalvan Mistmantle
  6. Alliance 15 [23] Clawing at the Truth
  7. Alliance 15 [23] Mistmantle's Revenge

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