This quest is based on the item Eroded Leather Case, which is dropped by Tunnelers and Marauding Crust Bursters.

Objectives Edit

Return the Eroded Leather Case to Thiah Redmane[15.7, 52.2], camped near the Ruins of Sha'naar in western Hellfire Peninsula.

Description Edit

Upon examining the battered leather case, it becomes apparent that the container's damage must've been caused by the caustic fluid of the worm's digestive tract. The leather appears to have been intricately tooled at one time, but the details of its adornment can no longer be made out.

The only recognizable feature of the case is a worn logo of the Cenarion Circle. Knowing nothing about the contents of the case, you decide the best course of action would be to deliver it to a Circle member.

Progress Edit

Good day, <class>. What brings you to my encampment?

Completion Edit

Thank you for bringing this to me, <class>. I was wondering why I hadn't heard from the Expedition in so long. I wonder how long ago this message was dispatched and what befell its carrier.

Here's a bit of coin for your trouble.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

You will receive: 2Gold

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