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Alliance 32 Illegible Orc Letter
StartBoog the "Gear Whisperer"
Requires Level 24
CategoryStonetalon Mountains
Experience1,600 XP
or 9Silver59Copper at Level 110
ReputationDarnassus +150
Gnomeregan +150
Rewards9Silver 60Copper
NextOrders from High Command

Objectives Edit

Take the Illegible Orc Letter to Minx inside the Windshear Mine in Stonetalon Mountains.

Provided Item:

Quest Text Edit

The good news is that Minx is fluent in orcish and she's nearby. Head back into the mine and find her. She's probably deeper inside, standing around being useless.

Don't forget the parchment!

Completion Edit

<Minx takes the letter from you and begins to read it.>

Uh oh...

<Minx smells the parchment.>


<Minx folds the paper in half and looks at you.>

The good news is that this isn't toilet paper. The bad news is that the ink on this paper is a mixture of kodo poop and blood. That's not the worst of it, though...

Gains Edit

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