Quest:Might As Well Wipe Out the Scourge

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Alliance 32 Might As Well Wipe Out the Scourge
StartBixie Wrenchshanker
EndBixie Wrenchshanker
CategoryBorean Tundra
Experience20,100 XP
or 1Gold20Silver59Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Valiance Expedition
Rewards[Layered Frost Sandals] or [Vial of Renewal] or [Reinforced Caribou-Hide Chestguard] or [Amberplate Waistguard]
4Gold 70Silver
PreviousThere's Something Going On In Those Caves


Destroy 20 Scourge of any type at Talramas and the Festering Pools. Then, return to Bixie Wrenchshanker just to the south of The Dens of Dying.

  • Talramas Scourge Destroyed (20)


If the cultists up in those caves survived the crash, then that fallen necropolis to the west can only be assumed to still be filled with Scourge. There're probably lots of them out in front of it in the pools, too!

While you're at Talramas, <class>, do you think you could dispatch all of the Lich King's flunkies that you find there?


There's no way that you could have killed so many Scourge in such a short time!


Thanks, <name>.

The Lich King and his Scourge are really scary, but we can't stop until they are all lying in new graves!


You will be allowed to choose one of these rewards:

You will also gain:

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [71] What's the Matter with the Transmatter?
  2. Alliance 15 [71] Check in With Bixie
  3. Alliance 15 [71] Oh Great... Plagued Magnataur!
  4. Alliance 15 [71] There's Something Going On In Those Caves
  5. Alliance 15 [71] Rats, Tinky Went into the Necropolis!
    Alliance 15 [71] Might As Well Wipe Out the Scourge - (optional)
  6. Alliance 15 [72] I'm Stuck in this Damned Cage... But Not For Long!
  7. Alliance 15 [71] Let Bixie Know
  8. Alliance 15 [71] Back to the Airstrip

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