Messenger to Thrall sends the adventurer back to Azeroth to bring news of the untainted Outland orcs back to the Warchief.

Objectives Edit

Travel to Orgrimmar and give Thrall the Letter from Nazgrel.

Items Needed:

Description Edit

The warchief has been waiting for word of this ever since we set foot on Outland. Now you get the honor of giving him the news of the Mag'har yourself.

Go quickly, <name>. Take this letter with you; it bears my personal seal. There is nothing that Thrall wants to hear more than the message you bear.

Progress Edit

You bring news from Outland, <class>? Speak at once!

Completion Edit

<You watch Thrall's jaw slacken as he begins to read the message from Nazgrel.>

My people... we must reach them. We must reach Nagrand as soon as possible!


This quest is no longer available, quite possibly due to: Source

  1. This quest chain is about returning to outlands and meeting up with long lost orcs. Garrosh Hellscream being the primary leader of these outlands orcs.
  2. Come Cataclysm, Garrosh is going to be posted in Org.
So you have a bit of a paradox. You can't really be introduced to someone you've already met.

When you complete this quest, a short event will occur between Thrall and Eitrigg, an advisor to the Warchief:

Thrall: My people have survived in Outland... unnoticed for years... uncorrupted!
Eitrigg: Thrall! My lord... are you alright?
Thrall: I'll be fine, Eitrigg. We must begin preparations... I need to go to Outland at once!
Eitrigg: With all due respect, Warchief. Our enemies would take advantage of your sudden absence if we don't prepare properly.
Thrall: You are right, Eitrigg. The timing is unfavorable. Make sure our best ambassadors are sent as envoys to Hellscream.
Eitrigg: At once, sir! For the Horde!
Thrall: If he's anything like his father, allying with the Mag'har will mark the dawn of a new age for the Horde.

Patch NotesEdit

Wrath-Logo-Small/ Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.1 (12-Oct-2010): This quest and the followup have been removed from the chain.

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