Quest:Message to the Wildhammer

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Horde 32 Message to the Wildhammer
StartOtho Moji'ko
EndOtho Moji'ko
Requires Level 44
CategoryThe Hinterlands
Experience6,300 XP
or 37Silver79Copper at Level 100
NextOfficial horde mini-icon [48] Another Message to the Wildhammer

Objectives Edit

Otho Moji'ko at Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands wants you to slaughter 8 Highvale Scouts, 5 Highvale Outrunners, 5 Highvale Rangers and 2 Highvale Marksman. Return to him when this task is complete.

You can find the Highvale high elves at the Quel'Danil Lodge in the northwestern region of the Hinterlands.

Description Edit

The Wildhammer be striking up deals with our enemies, forgin' new alliances. This time, they be workin' with the high elves, mon.

<Otho spits.>

We be needin' to send those Wildhammer dwarves a message - a message in the blood of our enemies. Slaughter every Highvale high elf that you come across, leave their bodies as a warnin'.

Never mess with trolls!

Completion Edit

It be lookin' like the Revantusk are forgin' new alliances as well, mon! You done good.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [48] Message to the Wildhammer
  2. Official horde mini-icon [48] Another Message to the Wildhammer
  3. Official horde mini-icon [50] The Final Message to the Wildhammer

Patches and hotfixesEdit

  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.2.0 (04-Aug-2009): Undocumented: Required amounts lowered from 15 each to 8/5/5/2. Now also marked as a PvP quest, although attacking the mobs won't flag you.
  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Added.

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