Quest:Message from the West

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Horde 32 Message from the West
StartMessenger Torvus
EndMessenger Torvus
Experience15,250 XP
or 91Silver50Copper at Level 110
ReputationWarsong Offensive +150

Objectives Edit

Read the Letter from Saurfang and then destroy it.

Speak to Messenger Torvus once you have completed this task.

  • Letter from Saurfang read and destroyed

Provided Item:

Description Edit

<Torvus shakes your hand, giving you a letter in the process.>

<Torvus speaks under his breath.>

Just play along, <name>.

It is good to see you here, soldier! Lord Hellscream has undoubtedly sent his strongest warriors to Lord Agmar!

<Torvus speaks under his breath.>

Read it and then destroy it in the fire pot next to me.


We will crush the Scourge!

Completion Edit

<Torvus nods at you.>

So we are understood? I will return to my lord and tell him that you have accepted.

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