Me Brother, Nipsy is the second of the two only quests available in the Deeprun Tram; it's a follow up quest. You must have done Deeprun Rat Roundup to do this one.

Objectives Edit

Take the Carton of Mystery Meat to Nipsy at the Stormwind Deeprun Tram Depot.

Item Needed:

Description Edit

Me brother, Nipsy, runs a rat kabob operation on the other side of Deeprun. Ye needs to take this here crate o' rats to him before they go bad. Get a move on!

Ye have ridden a tram before, aye? It's easy. Just step aboard when she arrives and enjoy the ride. An' keep yer arms and legs inside durin' the ride, lest ye be peglegged fer life.

Progress Edit

<Nipsy puts his index finger through one of the air holes in the carton.>

Alive and kicking... and just in time!

Completion Edit

Poor Monty. Ever since the Gnomeregan incident, he hasn't been the same. That boy has never seen an ocean in his life, let alone being some kind of pirate.

<Nipsy sighs.>

At least he keeps the flow of twitching critters coming.

Rewards Edit

You will be rewarded with all of the following:

Gains Edit

  • 10 - 91 XP

Quest ProgressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [10] Deeprun Rat Roundup
  2. Alliance 15 [10] Me Brother, Nipsy

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