Objectives Edit

Quartermaster Bartlett at Venomspite has asked you to steal 8 Scarlet Onslaught Armor and 8 Scarlet Onslaught Weapons.

  • Scarlet Onslaught Armor (8)
  • Scarlet Onslaught Weapon (8)

Description Edit

Ah good, new meat. Do you wish to prove yourself, new meat?

The Scarlet Onslaught, the most zealous and racist of the Scarlet Crusade, are in our backyard to the south. If we're going to fight them, we'll need more armor and weapons than I can make in such a short time.

Why don't we take theirs?

More to the point, why don't YOU take theirs?

Progress Edit

I'll take what armor and weapons you can steal for me, new meat.

Though they'll be of inferior quality to what I can make here, it's better than nothing.

Completion Edit

You do not smell so fresh now, new meat.

Very well, all of this will do. By what name might I call you, <class>?

Gains Edit

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