Quest:Mastering the Elements

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Horde 32 Mastering the Elements
StartSearn Firewarder
EndBath'rah the Windwatcher
Requires Level 50
Experience3,800 XP
or 22Silver80Copper at Level 100

Objectives Edit

Bring the elements earth, air, fire and water to Bath'rah the Windwatcher.

Description Edit

Welcome, <class>. You bring me the elements and then we do the talkin'.

The fire, the air, the water, and the earth I be needin' before I trust ya, mon. I gots to know you be knowledgeable.

Progress Edit

Where's the elements, mon?

Completion Edit

These be the elements I need. Now we talk.

Notes Edit

This quest has been removed, as Searn Firewarder offers the Alliance version instead.

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