Quest:Master of the Wild Leather (Horde)

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Horde 32 Master of the Wild Leather
StartJangdor Swiftstrider
EndUna[42.5, 43.5]
Requires Level 30
Experience3,900 XP
or 23Silver40Copper at Level 110
Rewards[Pattern: Wild Leather Cloak]

Objectives Edit

Give [Jangdor's Letter] to Una, the master leatherworker of Thunder Bluff.

Description Edit

<name>, you have learned all I am able to teach you. There is, however, one remaining pattern for Wild Leather armor. I will not require you to toil needlessly for this; you've earned it outright, and then some. This pattern, however, is one that I cannot freely share with you.

My teacher, the one who brought me into the craft, is the one who must reward you. Take this note to Una; she teaches leatherworking in Thunder Bluff. Show her the letter, and let her acknowledge you as an equal, as I do.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv scroll 03

Progress Edit

Greetings, <race>... from your countenance I can tell you are a leatherworker as am I. Have you come to draw from my skills, or perhaps you have other business with me?

Completion Edit

Ah yes, Jangdor sent you. I am pleased to see that one of my finest students now has a student of his own.

His dedication and his talents with leather are impressive. For him to compliment you so in this letter, it is a sign of respect I acknowledge.

I am aware that he has taught you the art of Wild Leather. Allow me to finish your training with this pattern. Make good use of it; few in the world know the secrets of Wild Leather cloaks.

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