Quest:Master Angler

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Neutral 32 Master Angler
StartRiggle Bassbait
EndRiggle Bassbait
Requires Level 60
CategoryStranglethorn Vale
Experience0 XP
or no coins at Level 100
Rewards[Arcanite Fishing Pole] [Hook of the Master Angler]
1Gold 80Silver


Today between 2pm and 4pm we have a contest to determine who the greatest angler of them all is!   Just be the FIRST PERSON to bring me 40 Tastyfish fished from the Tastyfish schools found along the coast of Stranglethorn before anyone else does and you will be declared the Master Angler! If you are not the first person to bring me 40 fish, my apprentice here will still reward you with money for each 5 Tastyfish you bring her. Oh, and don't delay, Tastyfish go bad quickly!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv fishingpole 01
Trade fishing

You will also receive:1Gold 80Silver


Hurry up and turn those in if you want to be declared the Master Angler!  I have been standing around here for HOURS with nothing to eat!   Hand those suckers over!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Tools and Tips

Fish Counter (Macro)

Put the following simple macro on your toolbar. It'll display a counter, after the first one appears in your bag.

#showtooltip Speckled Tastyfish

Find Fish ability

This ability does now locate school pools of Speckled Tastyfish on your mini-map, this ability was added with the Fury of The Sunwell patch.

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