Objectives Edit

Bring 10 Marks of Sargeras to Harbinger Saronen in Shadowmoon Valley.

Completing quests for the Aldor will cause your Scryers reputation level to decrease.

Description Edit

By now it should be clear to you why we oppose the Burning Legion and those who serve them.

If you wish to prove yourself to the Aldor, bring me the insignias of high-ranking Legion and their Shadow Council followers. Here in Shadowmoon you will find a strong Legion presence to the far west in Legion Hold and the Deathforge.


Do you bear any of our enemies' insignias, <name>?


Your courage is strong, friend.  Let it be known to all that you are a true ally of the priesthood!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 12650 XP (or 7Gold 59Silver at level 70)

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