Quest:Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus

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Horde 32 Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus
StartCaptain Gort
EndCaptain Gort
Requires Level 71
Experience20,300 XP
or 1Gold21Silver79Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Warsong Offensive

Objectives Edit

Kill High Cultist Zangus and return the Head of High Cultist Zangus to Captain Gort at Agmar's Hammer in the Dragonblight.

Description Edit

I witnessed his treachery with my own eyes! The traitor led an Anub'ar assault on this stronghold, taking out some of my best soldiers.

<Gort shakes his head.>

He'd been working with the Scourge the whole time and we didn't have a clue! How many more like Zangus are there? We'll find 'em all and when we do...

<Gort makes a cutting motion across his neck.>

First on the list is Zangus. Our scouts report that he is hiding in The Pit of Narjun, west of here. Find him, kill him, bring me his head.

Progress Edit

Is that a severed orc head in your pack or are you just happy to see me?

Completion Edit

<Gort holds the head up and stares into its dead eyes.>

I told you we'd get you...

Here's your reward, <class>. That's one less headache for us to worry about.

Gains Edit

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