Objectives Edit

Kill Mangletooth.

Description Edit

I no longer care for honor or glory, <class>. All that matters to me is that the quilboar die, by any means, at anyone's hand.

Mangletooth, the chief of these filthy Razormane, sits in his lair to the northwest, atop a hill. End his life.

I plan to stay here, and pile these bodies until no more vermin run squealing from the Kraul to face me...




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry amulet 07
[Mankrik's Amulet]
Inv bracer 62
[Kraul Bracers]
Inv spear 05
[Razormane Staff]
Inv sword 36
[Mangled Tooth]

You will also recieve: 35Silver

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