Quest:Magical Disturbances (Horde)

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Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Warp Stalkers and return to Kurgatok at Stonebreaker Hold.

Description Edit

There's nothing more annoying than preparing to cast a spell, only to have it interrupted by some unseen force. After the fourth time, I knew it couldn't be coincidence and I sent Keb'ezil out to investigate.

I guarantee you'll never encounter an imp that talks back more than Keb.

Anyway, he managed to find the source of the problem, a pesky creature known as a warp stalker. They have a habit of disturbing the magical energy wherever they blink into existence. I've had enough of their interference.


Keb'ezil wants to know if it's safe to hurl a fireball without embarrassing himself again.

<The imp makes a few clicking sounds and the warlock turns toward him.>

No, it wasn't my shadow bolt! Take it back, you overgrown pixy!

Rewards Edit

3Gold 10Silver

Completion Edit

Keb'ezil is relieved that you've taken care of that little problem, aren't you, Keb?

<The imp ignores its master, presumably out of indignation.>

You'll have to forgive his bad manners. You know how demons can be...

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