General Information Edit

Find Mankrik's wife and then return to him in the Crossroads.

We battled in a small tauren camp when we were separated -- she held three of the Bristlebacks off by herself. But the odds began to overwhelm us. I led some away only to see her overwhelmed by newcomers. In my rage, I turned to face my enemies, but they brought me down easily with their vast numbers.

I awoke to a tauren druid tending my wounds -- he had come across me on the Gold Road as I fell.

Please, <class>, find some sign of my wife.

Locations Edit


  • 9 silver
  • 120-1150 XP


  • Mankrik's wife can be found west of the Gold Road a little ways south past the bridge. See the accompanying screenshot below. If you have a coordinates add on, the coordinates are 49,50.


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