Objectives Edit

Bring a sign of Kron's fate to Misha Tor'kren at the farmstead northwest of Razor Hill.

Description Edit

<Name>, please, can you help me? My son Kron went hunting days ago, and he still hasn't returned. He went west towards the Barrens to hunt crocolisks along Southfury River. I fear the worst.

As strong as he was, his stubborn pride has always drawn him into trouble. I warned him that the crocolisks were powerful and vicious. He grew angry and stormed off.

If you can't find him, at least bring me a sign of his fate... even if you have to open up the stomach of every crocolisk along the Southfury's banks.

Reward Edit

You will receive the following:

Notes Edit

You need to have one inventory spot open to retrieve Kron's Amulet, which is required to complete this quest, it is a random drop from a Dreadmaw Crocolisk corpse.

Progress Edit

I pray that Kron will return to me, but I'm almost certain I know his fate already.

Completion Edit

Oh, my son... my beautiful son.

Uncertain of my son's fate, I have tormented myself since he left. Now that I know his fate, perhaps I can begin to mourn.

Thank you, <Name>. Please take this. I was going to give it to Kron as a gift when he returned successfully. Now that I know he is dead, I cannot bear to look at it.

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