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Bring five silver bars to Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge.

Description Edit

I am a jeweler of great renown here in Ironforge! Well, former renown anyway... I have fallen onto hard times due to the chicanery of a competitor! A bad reputation in this business spells financial disaster. As a result, I find myself without a copper to my good-though-currently-sullied name.

I want you to get me five silver bars to finish an order I received - the first in what seems like an eternity.

You get me those five silver bars, and I'll answer your questions on the necklace.

Progress Edit

Have you got the five silver bars I asked for?  I will share my sad tale of woe with you concerning the necklace you now possess... but only after I get those bars! Please, help a gnome out, won't ya?

Completion Edit

You're all right in my book; I don't care what everyone else has been saying... I kid, I kid!  Seriously, thank you my friend.

Now, the necklace you have is one of my finest creations, but it is missing three gems that help bind magic power to it.  I crafted it for a paladin some time ago.  He was on a self-appointed quest to clear out the "evil taint" present at an excavation site in the Badlands called Uldaman.

Well... that paladin died in Uldaman, and that was just the beginning of my woes.

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Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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