Quest:Lord Jaraxxus Must Die!

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Neutral 32 Lord Jaraxxus Must Die!
StartArchmage Lan'dalock
EndArchmage Lan'dalock
Requires Level 80
TypeWeekly Raid
CategoryTrial of the Crusader
Reputation+250 Kirin Tor
Rewards5x [Emblem of Frost] and
5x [Emblem of Triumph]
29Gold 60Silver

Objectives Edit

Kill Lord Jaraxxus.

This quest can be completed with any difficulty or size raid.

Description Edit

Archmage Timear has foreseen a horrible event, which is about to transpire. A foolish gnome warlock is about to accidentally summon an Eredar lord of the Burning Legion into the middle of the Trial of the Crusader.

You must be there when it happens, <class>. If Lord Jaraxxus escapes, he will open a portal and the Burning Legion will spill forth into our world once more.

The Council of Six has decreed that Lord Jaraxxus must die!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 29Gold 60Silver
Inv misc frostemblem 01
5x [Emblem of Frost]
Spell holy summonchampion
5x [Emblem of Triumph]

Progress Edit

Why are you here speaking with me when you should be dealing with Lord Jaraxxus? You have no time to waste, <class>!

Completion Edit

All of Azeroth is fortunate that Timear foresaw the Eredar lord's arrival and that you were there in time to slay him.

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

This is one of the new weekly Raid Quests introduced in patch 3.3. This quest can be completed with any difficulty or size raid.

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