Quest:Look To The Stars (3)

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Alliance 32 Look To The Stars (3)
StartBlind Mary
EndViktori Prism'Antras
Requires Level 20
Experience1,500 XP
or 9Silver at Level 100
ReputationStormwind +150
PreviousLook To The Stars (2)
NextLook To The Stars (4)

Look To The Stars (3) sends the adventurer to defeat a ghoul which has another item needed by Viktori.


Retrieve Blind Mary's Looking Glass from the Insane Ghoul and give it to Viktori in Darkshire.

Item Needed:


The looking glass was one of my finest treasures until. . .the incident. After that happened, I discarded it behind the barn. There was an Insane Ghoul who used to roam back there. Perhaps he picked it up. Rumor has it the devilish beast resides in the Tranquil Gardens Cemetery.


  • The ghoul can be found in a old chapel in the Cemetery at location 81,71.


I showed Cog the beginnings of our star-viewing machine. He was impressed. Did you happen to find a reflective device?


Most superb! This will work perfectly. Many thanks!

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