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Neutral 32
"neutral" is not in the list of possible values (Both, Alliance, Horde, Neutral) for this property.
Linken's Sword
StartA Conspicuous Gravestone
Requires Level 47
CategoryUn'Goro Crater
Experience7,350 XP
or 44Silver10Copper at Level 110
PreviousA Grave Situation
NextA Gnome's Assistance


Deliver Linken's Superior Sword to Linken in Un'Goro Crater.


After a strong flash of light, you are able to pick up the sword again. It has been transformed!


Oh! I remember you! You are... No, don't tell me!


My sword... It's finished!

Now, if only I could remember why I needed this...

Here, let me at least pay you for your work.


You will receive: 75Silver


Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [52] It's a Secret to Everybody
  2. Neutral 15 [52] It's a Secret to Everybody
  3. Neutral 15 [52] It's a Secret to Everybody
  4. Neutral 15 [52] The Videre Elixir
  5. Neutral 15 [52] Meet at the Grave
  6. Neutral 15 [52] A Grave Situation
  7. Neutral 15 [52] Linken's Sword
  8. Neutral 15 [52] A Gnome's Assistance
  9. Neutral 15 [54] Linken's Memory
  10. Neutral 15 [54] Silver Heart
  11. Neutral 15 [54] Aquementas
  12. Neutral 15 [54] Linken's Adventure
  13. Neutral 15 [56G] It's Dangerous to Go Alone

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