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Horde 32 Lindsay Ravensun, Revealed
StartKoltira Deathweaver
EndLindsay Ravensun
Requires Level 38
CategoryWestern Plaguelands
Experience45-435 XP
or  at Level 110
Reputation+10 Undercity

Objectives Edit

Report to Lindsay Ravensun at Andorhal in Western Plaguelands.

Description Edit

I was informed that that worthless woman, Lindsay Ravensun, would be here to support me in this battle, but so far, she's done nothing but brood within the basement of the greathall behind me. All the better, I suppose. She was a bit of a distraction.

Still, I cannot and will not stand for insubordination. Find her, and bring her to me.

Completion Edit

You won't be taking me anywhere, <name>.

While Koltira prances about with his playmate, Thassarian, I plan to win this battle. Then I'll make Koltira suffer for his weakness.

Don't believe me? Fine, I'll let you in on a little secret...

Rewards Edit

You will recieve: 5Silver

Notes Edit

On completion
After completing the quest, Lindsay Ravensun removes her disguise, revealing her true identity as Lady Sylvanas Windrunner herself!

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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Quest ID27087 +
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Quest level40 +
Quest nameLindsay Ravensun, Revealed +

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