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Alliance 32 Proving Your Worth
StartGlorin Steelbrow
EndWaterlogged Chest
Requires Level 22
Experience600 XP
or 3Silver59Copper at Level 100
ReputationStormwind +25
PreviousAlliance 15 [29] The Doomed Fleet
NextAlliance 15 [29] The Lost Ingots

This quest is part of the Morbent Fel quest chain quest chain.


Search the wreckage of The Flying Osprey in the Wetlands.

Quest Text

The shipwrecks off the shore here are the doomed Third Fleet of Kul'Tiras, burned and sunk by Red Dragons during the last Great War.

The Fleet hailed from Lordaeron, but one ship, an Elvish Destroyer: Flying Osprey, was with it. It was shipping a load of Lightforge Iron and joined the Third Fleet for protection. Ironic that it sunk to the same dragons...

Enough history. The Flying Osprey is wrecked to the south of Menethil Harbor. If you find the Lightforge Iron there, bring it to me.


This chest is waterlogged, and its siding broken. Many claw marks mar both the inside and outside of the if Murlocs have searched through it and stolen its treasure.

But tucked deep within the chest is a single Lightforge Ingot. Unfortunately, many more will be needed if enough metal to fashion a weapon is to be gained.



You will find the ingot in the Waterlogged Chest located on the island in the middle of the ship.

  • Waterlogged Chest coordinates: [12, 64]

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [23] Deliveries to Sven (optional)
  2. Alliance 15 [25] Sven's Revenge
  3. Alliance 15 [25] Sven's Camp
  4. Alliance 15 [25] The Shadowy Figure
  5. Alliance 15 [25] The Shadowy Search Continues
  6. Alliance 15 [25] Inquire at the Inn
  7. Alliance 15 [25] Finding the Shadowy Figure
  8. Alliance 15 [25] Return to Sven
  9. Alliance 15 [28] Proving Your Worth
  10. Alliance 15 [29] Seeking Wisdom
  11. Alliance 15 [29] The Doomed Fleet
  12. Alliance 15 [29] Lightforge Iron
  13. Alliance 15 [29] The Lost Ingots
  14. Alliance 15 [29] Blessed Arm
  15. Alliance 15 [29] Armed and Ready
  16. Alliance 15 [32G] Morbent Fel

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