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Horde 32 Lethtendris\'s Web
StartTalo Thornhoof
EndTalo Thornhoof
Requires Level 54
Experience7,550 XP
or 45Silver30Copper at Level 110
Reputation350 Darkspear Trolls

350 Orgrimmar 350 Silvermoon City 350 Thunder Bluff

350 Undercity
PreviousCamp Mojache

Lethtendris's Web is the 2nd quest in the Camp Mojache quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Bring Lethtendris's Web to Talo Thornhoof at Camp Mojache in Feralas.

Description Edit

The blood elf Lethtendris has overstepped her bounds. So eager was she to gather magical power that she defied her brethren and created a device of insidious design, a web meant to siphon the tainted magical energies of Dire Maul. Even now she gathers those energies and plans to release them against her enemies.

Lethtendris must be stopped. Find her within the Warpwood Quarter of Dire Maul, defeat her and bring her web to me so that it might be returned to more clear-headed blood elves for study.


<name>, do you have Lethtendris's Web?


You have done well, <name>.  This web holds within it vast stores of the magic of Dire Maul, and I fear what damage may be unleashed if those energies were harnessed by one so irresponsible as Lethtendris.  I am saddened by her death, but I know that she could never part with her web while alive.

Thank you, <name>.  I will send the web to students of magic more responsible than Lethtendris.  They will be the new wardens of its power.


You will receive: 1Gold 70Silver

You will receive:
Inv weapon shortblade 21


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 7550 XP (or 78Silver at level 70)

Quest chainEdit

  1. Horde 15 [57] Camp Mojacheω τ ϖ
  2. Horde 15 [57] Lethtendris's Webω τ ϖ

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