Quest:Leave Our Mark

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Neutral 32 Leave Our Mark
StartBaron Sliver
EndBaron Sliver
Experience22,050 XP
or 1Gold32Silver29Copper at Level 110
Reputation+325 Knights of the Ebon Blade
PreviousLet the Baron Know

Objectives Edit

Baron Sliver at The Shadow Vault wishes you to plant 15 Ebon Blade Banners within the corpses of vrykul found within the greater Jotunheim region.

  • Vrykul corpses impaled with Ebon Blade banners (15)

Provided Item:

Description Edit

We must attack the vrykul of Jotunheim on many levels. Brute force, of course, is good, but I prefer a more cerebral approach.

I want you to demoralize them.

My men here have forged a number of banners for you. I would like for you to take and plant them within the corpses of fallen vrykul.

Let the banners serve as a constant reminder to them that they face a more immediate threat than the wrath of the Lich King.

Progress Edit

Oh now, <name>, I don't think you're quite done yet.

Completion Edit

Well done, <name>. Let them see the desecrated corpses of their fallen comrades and think twice about striking at us!

If you come back tomorrow, I will make certain to have more banners prepared for you.

Notes Edit

Let the Baron Know is a prerequisite for this quest.

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