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Speak with Ilsa Blusterbrew at Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley.

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Though it may end up hurting my business in the long run, you look the sort that dreams of flying <his/her> own mount through the skies, rather than being flown from place to place.

I understand the feeling completely.

You, my friend, need to head to Wildhammer Stronghold in the southwest corner of Shadowmoon Valley. When you get there, speak with Ilsa Blusterbrew about some flight instruction. Mind you, her training's not cheap. But, I think that you'll find it worth your while.

Completion Edit

So, me boyo, Nutral, sent ya along did he? Good man... I'll need ta remember ta send him along a pint fer all o' the business he's sendin' me way.

If it's the learnin' o' how ta fly right and proper yer after, ye've come ta the right place. No one flies finer than us Wildhammer and those we train. Fer a fee, and not a small one mind ya, I'll teach ya how ta soar through the skies!

And when yer done, don't forget ta talk ta Brunn over there about buying one o' these gryphon beauties!

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