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Neutral 32 Lawn of the Dead
StartBrazie the Botanist
EndBrazie the Botanist
Requires Level 20
CategoryHillsbrad Foothills
Experience11,640-58,920 XP
or  at Level 100
Rewards29Gold 60Silver
PreviousSomeone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb

Lawn of the Dead is the final quest of the five-part Lawn of the Dead quest chain quest chain, where players will get to play an "in-game" game based on the online game "Plants vs. Zombies". This quest rewards a Singing Sunflower non-combat pet.


Defeat Warden Stillwater.


IT'S STILLWATER! HE'S ALMOST HERE! It's going to take everything that we've got to beat him! Let's do this!


29Gold 60Silver Choose Brazie's Plant Light or Botanist's Britches Also get [Brazie's Sunflower Seeds]


I can't believe we defeated him, <name>! That was the toughest fight yet, but there are still hundreds of crazed zombies roaming around Hillsbrad. We'll need to stay alert.


Scales with level. Max-level yields 29Gold 60Silver while below max-level yields both cash and XP.

Choose Brazie's Plant Light or Botanist's Britches. Also get [Brazie's Sunflower Seeds]


Take all that you have learned and bring it with you to complete this quest. Try to have as close to 10 sunflowers up by the time Warden Stillwater appears. Once he appears, the only way to damage him is to hit him with a Pumpkin Bomb that another ghoul has to trigger. So it's best to leave the far-right column empty for said bombs. The level isn't over till the Warden is dead. Meanwhile wave after wave of zombies will flood your garden.

Warden Stillwater will occasionally toss herbicide vials at random plants, killing them off slowly. Prepare to replace them as soon as they despawn. He will also make an announcement "Let those pea-shooters shoot at this..." and he fogs the 3 columns on the right with gas, killing all plants in the affected area. The term Pea-shooter comes from the original game of "Plants vs. Zombies" for the Spitter in this quest.

Occasionally, a green orb will appear, similar to the yellow orbs that are solar power. This Green Orb is a fertilizer orb, which drastically reduces the cooldown of each plant-producing action after use for 30 seconds.

Quest progression

  1. Neutral 15 [20] Basic Botany
  2. Neutral 15 [20] Flower Power
  3. Neutral 15 [20] Ghouls Hate My Grains
  4. Neutral 15 [20] Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb
  5. Neutral 15 [20] Lawn of the Dead


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