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Alliance 32 Last Stand
StartLord Darius Crowley
EndLord Darius Crowley
CategoryGilneas City
Experience670 XP
or 4Silver1Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Gilneas
PreviousNever Surrender, Sometimes Retreat
NextLast Chance at Humanity


Kill 8 Frenzied Stalkers.


We've got a good chokepoint here, <name>. Feel free to say a prayer if that's your sort of thing.

Take courage and let's kill these mutts.


We can do this, <name>.


They... they've stopped coming.

No, <name>. That's not a good thing.


You will receive:


It's time to go crazy-go-nuts on the worgen. Note that you won't be able to loot any of these mobs.

Upon complete, a cinematic plays.

Not even a moment of quiet passes before several worgen leap through the stained glass of the chapel, and pounce on the Gilneans. Outside the church, screams are heard as a lone worgen leaps to the top of the tower and howls at the moon. Weeks pass. We see Lord Godfrey walking through the empty streets of the city, approaching a lone cage, within which lies the player character, now a worgen, growling quietly.

Lord Godfrey says: Look at what you've become. Those cursed beasts... They've left you nothing more than just another wretched mongrel.

The player has a flashback to them being attacked and bitten by Josiah Avery.

Lord Godfrey says: Do you even remember what you did to your friends?

The player flashes back to shortly after fully transforming into a worgen, slaughtering a cowering citizen, then forward to running through Silverpine Forest with other worgen, before getting caught in a bear trap, howling in agony.

Lord Godfrey says: Your kind... hunting the wilds, unchecked... until we found you.

Several Gilneans, armed with rifles and accompanied by bulldogs, approach the player, later having them transported by carriage, in a large cage, back to Gilneas. The player snaps back to the present. Godfrey removes his hat, and kneels for a closer look at the player.

Lord Godfrey says: They've kept you alive because they still believe you can be saved. To which I must ask... Is there even a shred of humanity left within you?

The player hesitates, and stops growling in a moment of self-control. Godfrey replaces his hat, stands up and walks over to the stocks.

Lord Godfrey says: Perhaps... we will find out, soon enough...

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [1] Lockdown!
  2. Alliance 15 [2] Something's Amiss
  3. Alliance 15 [2] All Hell Breaks Loose / Alliance 15 [2] Evacuate the Merchant Square / Alliance 15 [2] Salvage the Supplies
  4. Alliance 15 [3] Royal Orders
  5. Class quests
  6. Alliance 15 [3] Safety in Numbers
  7. Alliance 15 [4] The Rebel Lord's Arsenal
  8. Alliance 15 [4] From the Shadows
  9. Alliance 15 [4] Message to Greymane
  10. Alliance 15 [4] Save Krennan Aranas
  11. Alliance 15 [4] Time to Regroup
  12. Alliance 15 [5] Sacrifices
  13. Alliance 15 [5] By Blood and Ash
  14. Alliance 15 [5] Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat
  15. Alliance 15 [5] Last Stand

Patch history

0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added

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