Quest:Larion and Muigin

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Horde 32 Larion and Muigin
Requires Level 47
CategoryUn'Goro Crater
Experience2,050-5,100 XP
or  at Level 100

Objectives Edit

Hunt 5 Bloodpetal Lashers, 5 Bloodpetal Threshers, 5 Bloodpetal Flayers, and 5 Bloodpetal Trappers for Larion at Marshal's Refuge.

Items Needed:

Quest text Edit

See Muigin over there? It's HIS fault we're lost!

I'm the one who knew the way, but he insisted he knew a shortcut and we ended up here.

To make matters worse, now he keeps sending his plant pests to annoy me. I'm so angry that I'm not planning on talking to him anytime soon, but these pests are too much to handle.

Why don't we try to limit his supply, first thing. Go out and hunt some Bloodpetals, then return to me.

Details Edit

Reward Edit

  • 75 Silver
  • 2050-5100 XP

Quest progressionEdit

Additional notes Edit

The Lashers, Flayers, and Threshers can be found in the northeast sector of the zone. The Trappers can be found all over the west side of the zone.

Trivia Edit

The names Larion and Muigin are derived from Mario and Luigi of the popular Nintendo franchise. The first letters of each name are swapped, and the letter N was appended to the end of both names.

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