Objectives Edit

Collect the 5 [Medallion Fragment]s from Combat 15 Gilblin Collectors and combine them to create Lady La-La's Medallion.

Provided item:

Description Edit

Dozens of crude gold links make up this heavy chain.

Dangling from the center link is an opalescent fragment of what must have once been a large shell-shaped medallion.

You wonder if the other fragments might be nearby, and if the medallion can be reassembled into its original state.

Progress Edit

You examine the chain, hoping it can be restored.


You will receive:

You will also be able to choose one of the following:

Inv pants robe dungeonrobe c 03
[Dreamfrond Skirt]
Inv shoulder mail dungeonmail c 03
[Damselfish Shoulderguards]
Inv jewelry ring 64
[Prismatic Periwinkle Band]

Notes Edit

Kill collectors, collect 5 fragments, then use the five fragments to create Lady La-La's Medallion, which automatically completes the quest.

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