Objectives Edit

Bring Krazek's Crock Pot to Krazek[43.6, 23].

Quest text Edit

I do most of the cooking at the camp. It used to be a lot of work, until I bought a mechanical cooking pot from a goblin merchant. The pot is a wonder! It saved me countless hours...until it broke!

Can you take the pot back to the goblin for me so he can fix it? His name is Krazek. Last I heard he was staying with Hemet in the hunter's camp just to the south.

Progress Edit

Hello! You brought me something?


Oh I see, it's a Krazek's Crock Pot! An ingenious piece of work, but it can break a spring or throw a gear now and then. Let me see what's wrong with this one...

Aha! Its steam charger is rusted out, it has a cracked knuckle-gasket and its fobulator is missing teeth. I'm surprised the pot could even boil a turnip in this state!

Can I fix it? Of course I can fix it!

But there's a price. Oh yes, there is always a price...

Rewards Edit

  • 230 XP
  • 2Silver 50Copper

Patch changes Edit

  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Level lowered; updated for Northern Stranglethorn.

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