Quest:Know your Enemy

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Alliance 32 Know your Enemy
StartForce Commander Danath Trollbane
EndLieutenant Amadi
Requires Level 58
CategoryHellfire Peninsula
Experience480 XP
or 2Silver87Copper at Level 110
Rewards28Silver 80Copper
NextFel Orc Scavengers

This quest is reported to not strictly be a prerequisite for Fel Orc Scavengers, but it does introduce the character to the new NPC.

Objectives Edit

Speak with Lieutenant Amadi at the old guard tower just west of Honor Hold.

Description Edit

Rumors have surfaced that some new breed of orc is on the rise. Larger, meaner - more cunning than the brutes we're familiar with. If these rumors are true then our forces, already stretched, may be taxed beyond their limit.

I have entrusted my lieutenant, Amadi, with investigating this matter. If you would help us in this dark hour, seek her out. She is stationed at the broken tower just west of the Hold.

And <Name> - be careful out there. You're heading into a dangerous new world.

Reward Edit

This quest is a continuing step in a quest line and has no reward.

Completion Edit

<Lieutenant Amadi nods.>

Good, we need all the help we can get. The increasing fel orc presence around the Southern Rampart concerns me. I sent out a scout to investigate, but he hasn't returned yet.

Quest progressionEdit

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