Quest:Kill Them All! (Aldor)

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Neutral 32 Kill Them All!
StartOverlord Mor'ghor
EndAnchorite Ceyla
Requires Level 70
CategoryShadowmoon Valley
ReputationNetherwing +250
NextCommander Arcus

Kill Them All! is an introduction quest directing Aldor-affiliated players to the Altar of Sha'tar. The Scryers version of this quest can be found at Neutral 15 [70] Kill Them All! (Scryer). This quest is available at revered repution with Netherwing after completing Neutral 15 [70] Hail, Commander!

Objectives Edit

Deliver news of your mission along with the [Dragonmaw Flare Gun] to Anchorite Ceyla at the Altar of Sha'tar in Shadowmoon Valley.

You will need:

  • Dragonmaw Flare Gun (Provided)

Description Edit

Commander <name>, stand at attention! You are to take a battalion of Skybreakers and sack the Aldor outpost located northwest of our beloved Black Temple. With the Altar of Sha'tar destroyed, our lines of communication to our posts at Coilskar will once more be open.

Go now! Use this flare gun to signal the Skybreakers for the attack!

Progress Edit

Settle down, child.

Completion Edit

It is good that you came to us. Perhaps we can use this attack to our advantage and turn the tables on the Dragonmaw.

Quest Progression Edit

Notes Edit

Name of this quest is probably a referance to Metallica's first album Kill 'Em All.

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