Deep within the Slag Pit of the Cauldron, you will find the sleeping quarters of the Dark Iron dwarves.

Travel to the sleeping quarters and steal 20 Dark Iron Pillows. Return to Evonice Sootsmoker in the Searing Gorge when you have accomplished this task.


If we want to put a dent in the productivity of the Dark Iron forces working out of the Slag Pit, we have to hit them where it's going to hurt the most.

It's a little known fact but dwarves, particularly of the Dark Iron variety, need rest! Lots of rest!

Now I ask you; How can they sleep without pillows? Exactly, <name>, they can't. This is why you must weasel your way into the Slag Pit and steal their pillows.


Don't let the crazy goggles fool you, <name>. I'm the smart one here.


Wonderful! Those sleepy Dark Irons will head back to their homes in the Depths to get some rest, greatly slowing down the productivity of the Slag Pit.


You will receive: 1Gold 40Silver and
Inv chest cloth 16
[Everglowing Robe]



The path to the sleep quarters (marked with the four Blips) is to either:

  • Jump down the hole with the block hanging down it marked with the IconSmall RaidStar. Run northeast through the mined-out area to Obsidion's chamber, then run up the ramp. The sleeping area is connected to both ends of the ramp up top. This will reward far more XP as there are more mobs between the entrance and the sleep quarters.
  • Run southeast to the entrance marked with the IconSmall RaidCross. Jump down to the ramp from up top as it's not accessible from the bottom of the Cauldron. Then enter and run north-by northwest to the sleeping quarters. This is the quickest path with the least amount of mobs in the way.

After stealing roughly a dozen, one Sleepy Dark Iron Worker will yell one of the following lines:

  • Sleepy Dark Iron Worker yells: Our pillas! Someone has stolen our pillas!
  • Sleepy Dark Iron Worker yells: We'll not let this act of madness go unpunished!

10 workers will spawn from either entrance of the sleep quarters and zig-zag around to the other end. They only have 178-185 HP.

After getting 20, leave the area. Do not go outside, but rather go to one of the ledges leading into the Slag Pit proper. Keep an eye out for Chambermaid Pillaclencher's spawn yell:

Chambermaid Pillaclencher yells: Thieves! Scallywags! Rapscallions! Come face me gigantic pillas!

After she yells, run back to the sleep quarters. Be warned that she is a level 49 elite with 21,380 HP. Outside of basic melee her primary move is Smother, which knocks players back ~50 yards, does 185-215 damage a second and silences for six seconds. So take her on as a group.

After her death, the giant Pillaclencher's Ornate Pillow will spawn on the ground. Thus it is not necessary to get the tap on the chambermaid. Loot it to pick up [Chambermaid Pillaclencher's Pillow], which starts Neutral 15 [49] Look at the Size of It!

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