Quest:Kick 'Em While They're Down

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Alliance 32 Kick 'Em While They're Down
StartSergeant Hartsman
EndSergeant Hartsman
CategoryGrizzly Hills
Experience20,750 XP
or 1Gold24Silver50Copper at Level 100
Reputation+125 Alliance Vanguard
+250 Valiance Expedition
Rewards5Gold 60Silver


Sergeant Hartsman wants you to defeat 15 Horde units or players in Blue Sky Logging Grounds.

Description Edit

It is a dark day for the Alliance. Many good men lay dead or dying here. Our only consolation is that they fought well and brought down many of the enemy with them.

With the bulk of our forces committed to Venture Bay we stand alone to weather this storm. The resources in this region are vital to the Alliance and may well make the difference in our struggle against the Horde. We must not fail!

Go, <name>. Strike at them while they lick their wounds. Avenge your fallen brothers and keep our hopes alive!


You will receive: 5Gold 60Silver

Completion Edit

Well done, <name>.

You've bought us some time here, though likely no more than a day. Nevertheless, the Alliance is grateful for your efforts.



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