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Retrieve Scout Jyoba's Report from the Withered Giants and return it to Zurai at Swamprat Post.

Description Edit

Flecks of withered fungus dot the body of Scout Jyoba. Whatever killed him must've been made of the same dying fungus as the giant wilting mushrooms of the Dead Mire. Perhaps one of the withered giants caught him by surprise as he sat writing his report. Without the text of the report, it's nearly impossible to tell what the scout discovered. If the report can be found, it should be returned to Zurai.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv bracer 09
Inv bracer 06
Inv belt 15
Inv misc cape 01

You will also receive:2Gold 70Silver

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You're back, but Jyoba's not with you. What became of him?

Completion Edit

<Zurai accepts the report from you and glances over it.> Much of this is information we already know. Everything in the area seems to be dried or wilting, but here's something new. He says the fungal giants seem to have gone berserk from the lack of moisture. From your description, that must be what killed him. I'll instruct my men to avoid the area. We can't afford any more casualties.

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Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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